"Noi arriviamo dalla stazione."

Translation:We arrive from the station.

June 21, 2013

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I have never heard "we arrive from the station" in english. I think this would more appropriately be said as "we came from the station". The phrasing in Italian is sometimes a bit strange.


"to arrive from somewhere" is correct English, although "to come from somewhere" is indeed more usual.



Why is it not "dallo stazione"?


Good question. Can some one explain why stazione is "dalla" and not "dallo".


Because "stazione" is feminine.


Not gramarly correct uggghh:-[


"Not gramarly correct uggghh:-[" is not grammatically correct. at least duo gets it right.


The sentence is technically possible but unlikely. English normally uses the preposition 'at' with the verb 'arrive'. As I understand the sentence context, the correct wording would be 'We come from the station'


Judging from the age of most comments (5 years) there's no point in my complaining. Duo's mistake is not in the 'from' but the 'arrive'. One of the many meanings of 'arrivare' is synonymous with 'venire'= to come. Hence, "I come from the station". We can't blame a non-English speaker for choosing 'arrive' rather than 'come' but we must blame them for not correcting their error - they insist we correct OUR errors for it's how we learn.


complaining would be misplaced, because, surprisingly, the sentences are chosen to reflect the italian. thus you can translate to english, and then back to the italian and achieve the same result. (-if you understand what you are doing.) should an 'improved' sentence be used, that would be unlikely. besides whining is so unseemly.


Why do you think that "da" means "from"? Don't you know Italian restaurants which are called like "Da Roberto" which definitely means "at Roberto".

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