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  5. "Does he need a book?"

"Does he need a book?"

Translation:An dteastaíonn leabhar uaidh?

October 25, 2014


[deactivated user]

    There doesn't seem to be much distinction between "want" and "need" in Irish going by de Bhaldraithe and Ó Dónaill. Here are some of the ways of saying the above sentence.

    • An dteastaíonn leabhar uaidh?
    • An bhfuil leabhar ag teastáil uaidh?
    • An bhfuil leabhar uaidh?
    • An bhfuil gá aige le leabhar?
    • Nach mór leabhar dó?
    • An bhfuil leabhar de dhíth air?
    • An bhfuil leabhar in easnamh air?
    • An bhfuil sé ar díth leabhair?
    • An bhfuil díth leabhair air?
    • An bhfuil ceal leabhair air?
    • An bhfuil easpa leabhair air?
    • An bhfuil díobháil leabhair air?
    • An bhfuil leabhar de dhíobháil air?


    Thanks! but that's weird.... I did "An bhfuil leabhar uaidh?" and it got marked wrong???


    I did too and got marked wrong. That can't be right, and only adds to the confusion and frustration, as in "WHY IS THAT WRONG? WHEN IS TEASTAÍONN REQUIRED? AAAARRRGG!"


    That's bc their list is wrong. Your sentence is grammatically correct but it means does he want a book. If youre using tá... Uaidh or the question an bhfuil... Uaidh it only signifies want. Teastaíonn needs to be included to signify need as teastaíonm can be used for wants or needs


    Tá ó can be used for "need".

    uaidh doesn't signify "need" or "want". Like ag or ar, ó can be used with to express something that English has a specific verb for, and Irish doesn't.


    Okay I thought in the tips it mentioned 'Ta o' (I dont know hot add faddas on my desktop) meant want, i didnt catch on that it can mean needs as well; Thank you! Do you know if natives would more commonly choose one methodology over another?


    OMG, so helpful but maybe not so helpful right now, lol. A little overwhelming. I am sure it is the same in English but I would be happy just to learn the one way of saying it.....


    But learning about the many ways someone ELSE might say it means the difference between understanding others and saying, "Could you say it the Duo way please?" Lol.


    Are these differences a dialectical/register thing?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes. The poet Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Ghunna used two of them in the one line in his poem An Bonnán Buí.

      Is chan easpa bidh ach díobháil dí
      A d'fhág i do luí thú ar chúl do chinn


      If Tá ... uaidh means "He needs...", why does An bhfuil... uaidh not mean "Does he need..."?

      Or should that answer be accepted?


      Tá … uaidh can mean either “He wants …” or “He needs …”.


      I thought that was the case, but on some of the sentences, the hover-over hint for Tá ... uaidh is "He needs...". I remember thinking that I thought the hint was a mistake, so maybe it's not correct? If I come across that hint again, I'll post it here.

      Edit: Maybe I got it backwards, and it's Teastaíonn...uaidh that can be translated "He wants..." and "He needs...".

      Edit 2: I think this thread explains what I was thinking.


      Yes, some of the dictionary hints are still incorrect. Be sure to report them whenever you discover such.


      I beleive Teastaigh can be used to mean "want", but it's (almost) always "need" when used by native speakers


      what rule is happening in the sentence that Teastaionn gets eclipsed?


      The question marker "an" requires eclipsis in this case



      An / nach require eclipsis, ar / nár require lenition


      This exercice is a nightmare, not because of Irish grammar but because Duolingo forgot many possible answers. So frustrating and it's never corrected!!!


      An bhfuil leabhar de dhíth air?

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