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  5. "He sleeps an hour at night."

"He sleeps an hour at night."

Translation:Han sover en time om natten.

October 25, 2014



Why "om natten" and not "om nat"?


It seems to be the definite form for all times of the day in Danish.

"om formiddagen" -> "in the morning" "om natten" -> "in the night" (even though you'd rather say "at night" in English)


Me too. Natten to me, is the night, not night...


Am I the only one wondering why he sleeps so little? :)


did you get an answer to this question? i would write exactly that...thanks


"I nat" means "tonight" or "last night" (context pretty much always gives away which one it is).

"Om natten" just means "at night", in a general sense, so the person being talked about only sleeps for one hour during the night time, rather than just this one night.


But why "om natten" and not "om nat"? Natten would be "the night", so you would be asleep "at the night".. Boy, Danish is weird...


It's just one of those things that is different between languages that unfortunately just has to be learnt for each context. "Om nat" or "om dag" sound just as weird in Danish at "at the night" or "during day" do in English, in this context at least.


why is "i en time" wrong?


Jesper wulfe had given a really good explanation of this earlier for a question regarding why it was sondagen and not sondage.

This is apparently similar to the expression ' i drink coffee in the morning'

So though it is the definitive it actually means every night. He sleeps an hour in the night ( as a rule or habit) Hope this helps.

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