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  5. "I liked that rice."

"I liked that rice."

Translation:Eu gostei daquele arroz.

June 21, 2013



I need Help!! I cannot understand how to use Daquela, Naquela and Aquela... I keep confusing Aquela with Daquela, and vice versa.

I am assuming: Aquela/Aquele/Aquilo = to that

Naquela/Naquele/Naquilo = in that

Daquilo/Daquele/Daquilo = from that

Can someone please give me simple pointers to crack this code? Also I am stuck on this level, the only way I will get out is by memorizing the answers, but that does not mean I understood the purpose.


Ok. Aquele/aquela/aquilo = that. Aquela for feminine words, Aquele for masculine words, Aquilo is neutral. A + aquela = àquela. "Did yo go to that party?" = "você foi àquela festa?" / naquela (em + aquela) = in,on,at that "não há ninguém naquela casa" = "there is nobody in that house" / daquela (of + that) "did you like that jacket?" = "você gostou daquela jaqueta?" (In Portuguese we use gostar de)


Then, we have all the variations. Àquele, naquilo, daquela, daquele, daquilo, daquelas, naqueles (dont forget gender and number. And the ones thagt are neutral = isso, isto, aquilo, naquilo, daquilo, àquilo, nisso, nisto, disso, disto. PS: they have no plural)


ok, but: 1. 'você foi àquela festa?', and 'você gostou daquela jaqueta', both translate in the same way for me....if the phrases are english, and i have to choose the right answer from the multiple choice, I mess up!


Its more a Portuguese than English matter. Then you have to know the verb and the prepositions used after them. IR+A. "você vai a aquela festa?" - "você vai àquela festa?". GOSTAR+DE. "você gostou de aquela jaqueta?" - "você gostou daquela jaqueta" at first it's hard to remember the verbs and its prepositions :(


OH my god you just fixed my Problem- with this example..I just got what was happening and where i was messing up!

Thank you Paul!! You, as usual, and as always, have been a great help, in getting me out of ruts! =D


Okay I am going to practice this for as long as it takes me, I think I am just confused because I am not focusing enough, or properly. As you explain it, does seem to be simple and easy... =)


Does "desse" also work in this sentence. I know that aquele/a/o, isso, and esse/a all have different meanings for the use of that. So i want to make sure that daquele and desse are interchangeable.


I wrote "Eu gostei desse arroz" and it was accepted.

I guess that we don't know how far away that rice is. Or perhaps it has to do with temporal proximity. (The rice that was recently eaten?) I'm not sure though


What about Eu gostei disso arroz ?


You can't use "isso/isto/aquilo + noun".

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