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Translation votes not effective

Yesterday I was translating from English to Spanish, and although I earned 300XP for the whole of my translations my votes are still the same as before.

Any of you have any idea how could this be fixed?

October 26, 2014



You earn XPs for each word translated, the actual XPs depend on your translation tier. This is independent of votes received by your translations. Up votes by other users of equal or higher tier contribute towards your progress to the next translation tier.


That I know, thanks. The problem is the upvoting I've received is not reflected on the tier progress


I am not sure how you are aware of votes received from other users. I thought we can see that only when it counts for tier progress and we click on show votes link. Couple of things to be kept in mind.

  • Only votes by users of equal or higher tier contribute to tier progress

  • Limited votes are counted. For a sentence with 10 words, only the first 2 votes are counted.


I was unaware that upvotes by lower tiered users don't count. I was wondering why I can see my stuff being upvoted without gaining credit.

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