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"Han tager girafferne tirsdag."

Translation:He takes the giraffes on Tuesday.

October 26, 2014



hey, maybe it's the same cop who sent the monkey to prison. now he's coming for the monkey's dealer, the giraffe.


does this sentence means something ? actually ?


My best guess is that it's some special transportation mode and the sentence belongs to a list 'He takes the train on Monday. He takes the giraffes on Tuesday. He takes the bus on Wednesday.' What I don't get is why he needs more than one. Do they have different routes and he has to change from giraffe no. 13 to no. 42?


Perhaps the zoo is splitting into two over a management disagreement and they're attending a custody hearing for the animals, where the conditions of joint custody are being discussed. :)


My immediate thought was of a vet, doctor, or therapist who sees (/takes) certain categories of people or animals on particular days.


A couple from West Somalia, facing difficulties to adopt children decided to adopt a herd of giraffes. After their separation they agree on a visit regime where Abtidoon takes the giraffes with him from Tuesday til Friday and Dhuuxo keeps them from Saturday til Sunday.


It means he had a terrible divorce lawyer.


Well I'm glad he does! I have the lions coming in on Wednesday, I was starting to get worried!


Possibly he just takes 'responsibility' for the giraffes on Tuesday, but tends the polar bears on Monday, the lions on Wednesday - as a zoo employee??


Could this also mean "He puts on the giraffes on Tuesday" (as in, perhaps, the pajamas with giraffes on them), or would you need another preposition to say that?


That is what Duolingo gives as a hint.


Whether I translate the sentence as "on Tuesday" or "on the Tuesday", neither answer is taken as correct! Will someone give me a straight answer to this puzzling sentence?


I look forward to using this sentence on my first trip to Copenhagen.


I'll consider all of us adequate at Danish once we can have this kind of discussions i dansk :-)

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