"Do you have a ladder?"

Translation:Hai una scala?

June 21, 2013

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So "scala" can be used for both staircase and ladder? Are there any other words for ladder?


Nope; if needed a ladder can be differentiated with "scala a pioli", "scala portatile", and so on. But there is rarely need for distinction.


I put "Hai un scala?" And it said scala is feminine not masculine. I guess wrong all the time. What is the rule for determining what words are feminine?


Generally (but definitely not always):

feminine words end in "a"

masculine words end in "o"

Feminine plural ends in "e"

Masculine plural ends in "i"


what is the difference between scale and scala?


Scala = singular. Scale = plural. One scala, two scale.


"Scale" has many meanings in English, with many different translations in Italian: the only meaning that can be translated by "scala" is "graduated range of values forming a standard system for measuring or grading something" (Oxford definition). It can be the scale of a map, a musical scale, a mathematical scale or even the scale of an issue; it's the figurative sense of "scala" as a series of steps.


Here to be more polite you could use Avrebbe una scala?


when do you use una and un ?


Why isn' 'Hai tu una scala?" correct?


It appears in Italian, to ask questions is simply using a declarative sentence and placing a question mark at the end when writing, or inflecting one's voice when speaking. It seems that some other languages are slightly more flexible with respect to interrogative sentences.

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