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Lost some words and skills today

Hi Duolingo,

I lost around a hundred of words in Spanish and lost some skills too. I happened just when you added new vocabulary to some skills. Last skill I did was Numbers - 5 days ago according to my stream log. Now I cannot see it. I did not lost my point or level progres. All I was doing last 5 days was timed practice of all skills. I am just letting you know. I am not bothered much of it. Thank you for doing such a great job

June 21, 2013



We made some updates to about 20% of current users and 50% of new users. We added a lot of new useful vocab and common phrases and took out some words we found to be not as useful to all learners. We also updated the 'Subjunctive-Past' skill. All of these updates are aimed at making the overall learning experience much better!


Thank you for the explanation. I think it´s a great idea to continuously widen vocabulary under each skill. I have also read about your plans to give users a way how to add languages on their own. I´ll be the first to add some basic English-Czech words and sentences so my kids can use such a fun way of learning english.

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