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New Vocab annoying lost Gold and levels

I am glad there is new vocab great job. but still this is how i feel http://shar.es/xlUzi

June 21, 2013



First of all, that meme is awesome! Definitely sharing it with the entire team :) So, today we released a new Spanish tree to 50% of new users and 20% of current users. We added a lot of new useful vocab and common phrases and removed some uncommon vocab that was not as useful (we did that throughout the whole tree). We also pushed some small fixes to the Subjunctive-Past skill that will improve the learning experience. We're always making updates that improve the learning experience. It means you'll need to do some additional lessons and continue practicing, which will help you improve your Spanish.


When do the rest of us get to experience this update! ^^


It'll be very soon!


Woot can't wait to see an extended Italian tree!! :D


I like that you added vocab, but I don't understand why you took some away. Learning more Spanish words can't be a bad thing...


i know, why take away words? Just add the new ones.


Arrggh, I never get the new updates first >_< ... But I'm really glad to hear you're adding more useful vocab.


Looks like my vocab has been decreased too, does this mean there's no way I can revise all those words I previously learned that have now been removed from the skill tree?


I guess it's worth removing some words if it makes it easier for new users to learn :)

I think I read somewhere there is going to be a new feature allowing us to add our own words anyway, so maybe we can add the words we really like back ;P

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