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  5. "Hij is een Amerikaan."

"Hij is een Amerikaan."

Translation:He is an American.

October 26, 2014



Does "Hij is Amerikaan" work here too? Could a demonym be handled the same way as a profession?


Hij is Amerikaans, would be in english he is American. For direct translation it would be wrong, but in Dutch you'll mostly hear hij is Amerikaans or Frans (French) or Duits (German). For professions can use both hij is een journalist, hij is journalist are heard often. For roles in familys, you mean like brother sister father? It will be said as "Hij is zijn broer" he's his brother " "Zij is zijn zus" she's his sister. Most times you leave the article when it's a adjective, and get a Possesive article or a indefinite article etc for professions or nouns.


I mean like "Hij is vader" or "Ze is studente". I know with professions the "een" is optional. I meant if the een is optional in demonym nouns, such as "American" as a noun.


It seems really odd to have a strong tonal accent on the first A. Is that correct or just Duo pronunciation being odd ?


The pronunciation is a bit off, the stress should be placed on -aan: ameri'kan

Source: http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/paar001abnu01_01/paar001abnu01_01_0010.php


Is it just me or do both the male and female voices sound like they're saying "hij is naar merikan"? I knew what they were officially saying but I found both their pronunciations strange.

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