"I play with my son."

Translation:Io gioco con mio figlio.

June 21, 2013

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someone please remind me why we don't need the definite article here. I offered "Gioco con il mio figlio" and was marked wrong. Is it unecessary or just plain incorrect?


It's incorrect; in the case of close family members, unless modified (e.g. "il mio figliolo", "il mio figlio grande") or plural ("i miei figli") the article isn't normally used before a possessive, i.e. "mio figlio", "mia sorella", "mia madre" and so on.

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Can "io suono con mio figlio" also be correct...since play with my son, could also be in reference to an instrument? Or must the instrument always be specified?


In Italian it works either way, because "suonare" is limited to playing an instrument (or producing sounds anyway); depending on the context it works in English too, although it's more ambiguous there, isn't it?


Why is it con and not col?

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