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"He eats pork because he loves meat."

Translation:Hij eet varkensvlees, want hij houdt van vlees.

October 26, 2014



"Omdat" is fine too. The word order changes in that case though (for some reason): Hij eet varkensvlees omdat hij van vlees houdt.


Some conjunctions in Dutch create a dependent sentence (called "onderschikkend voegwoord" in Dutch grammar), which has the verb at the end, and some (called "nevenschikkend voegwoord") create a normal sentence with the verb in the second spot. "Doordat" en "omdat" are in the first category, "want" is in the second.


I used omdat... and for me to do it I had to separate the 'van' from 'houdt'... is it normal? Dies it sound natural, or the best way to go is indeed 'want'? -> "Hij eet varkensvlees omdat hij van vlees houdt"


Yes, that's fine. There is no requirement to keep the two words next to each other.


Why do you need to use hij instead of he?


Because he is not a thing in Dutch.


"He" isn't the unstressed form of "hij" (though I can see why you would think that, since every other -ij pronoun does have an -e unstressed form). The unstressed form is "ie", but that is never written except in very informal style, and it's only used after another word. So you could say "hij eet varkensvlees omdat-ie van vlees houdt".


Should 'Hij eet varkensvlees, want hij van vlees houdt' have been accepted?


No, because the word order is wrong: want hij houdt van vlees.

Have a look here: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.54


Why was doordat not accepted?


I'm a native speaker and "doordat" sounds wrong here, but I'm having trouble articulating the exact difference in usage between "omdat" and "doordat". http://taaladvies.net/taal/advies/vraag/598/omdat_doordat/ says that "doordat" is used only if human motivations don't play a role. In general "doordat" is used more rarely and usually you can also use "omdat" in places where "doordat" would be valid.


Thank you for your reply! As a simple and beginner take I will use omdat over doordat. Dank u Wel!

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