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"En krop kan have mange farver."

Translation:A body can have many colors.

October 26, 2014



Is the pronunciation of 'have' correct? Shouldn't it be short, more like 'hæ'?


Sort of. In normal speech you are right, but as a learning tool the pronunciation 'have' is probably better.


Yes, but if there are two pronunciations of the same spelling, sometimes the voice chooses the wrong one.

[deactivated user]

    It definitely sounds more like "have" as in garden. It might be old-fashioned, I'm not sure. But since it's a more unusual pronunciation, I just reported it.


    Yes, it sounded more like 'garden' than 'to have'. Thanks for reporting!


    From what I understand the longer pronunciation is the more formal pronunciation, it's just in practice Danes shorten it it to "hæ". There are many words in Danish that a formal pronunciation and a shorter form for casual speech.

    [deactivated user]

      Just what does this mean? A body can be multi coloured?? Or that, simply, that skin colour varies according to the genes one inherited??


      I guess any interpretation is okay.

      I thought of this here.


      I'm pretty sure it's simply anti-racist


      Probably this means that a dead body may vary in color depending on its level of decomposition. Just a medical thing you know.


      All of the above.

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