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The big picture of Duolingo?

Is there a statistics page for Duolingo somewhere that lists such things as how many people are currently undertaking the program and from what countries, how many people are taking each language and how they are distributed across the lessons? It is a remarkable program and it would be interesting to get some idea of the world-wide picture.

June 22, 2013



Luis did talk about it in this video back in April not sure how much it has changed since then, skip to 29:15 on the video to see it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7aTabdzr5Q

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It made me laugh when he said, "by Mexico I mean any of the developing countries here... and by the US, I mean the UK, Canada, whatever, pick your choice there..." What a way to lump us together, lol.


in other words he means the English speaking world compared to the Spanish speaking world lol


No, he means people learning English specifically because they see it as a way to improve their lives (typical of developing countries, including e.g. Brazil where Portuguese is spoken) as opposed to people learning another language as a hobby (typical of developed countries).

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He sounded like he was trying to make that distinction but jumbled it a little in his phrasing. Of course the developed world would include France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and a whole lot of other countries where English isn't dominant. He said he used Mexico to mean any developing country then immediately afterward included Spain. So from what he said it's not really clear whether he meant that users from developed countries generally (with the exception of Spain or he considers Spain to be developing) have poorer retention or if just the users from the English speaking parts of the developed world have poorer retention. It was funny to me because he was using the U.S. and Mexico as the focal points of two really diverse groups.

Just to be clear, I wasn't trying to make fun of him. He's obviously a noble-minded super genius.


skip to 29:15 on the video to see it


Wonderful video. Thanks for posting. :)

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That would be really neat. I know I'd be very interested in seeing a breakdown of the languages people from different countries are most likely to be learning through Duolingo.


I made this (http://imgur.com/Dw8wrp6) from a Google Map of user-submitted data in the discussion here (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/785163).


Nice :) interesting data

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