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Recording in Firefox?

I can't record in Firefox 21.0 on Ubuntu. When I right click on the Flash widget, the settings options is greyed out and I can't give Flash permission to access my mic.

On this site, http://www.testden.com/accent-reduction/systemcheck.htm, open in another tab, the Flash widget works the way you'd expect. I can give it access to my mic and record just fine. I've tried this with other sites also, Duolingo is the only one that doesn't work.


June 22, 2013

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I'm using Kubuntu and have the same problems with Firefox. Couldn't get my mic to work. It only works with Chrome browser (NOT Chromium) because it uses the newest Flash version. Firefox and others have a version that isn't supported anymore. But I hate Chrome and use it only for Duolingo and similar websites.

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