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British Time Difference - Lost my streak

It's 10 minutes until Midnight here in the UK but Duolingo has my streak at 0 because it probably thinks it's past midnight since last night our clocks went back 1 hr. I'm just beginning to build up my streak again so this is a little disheartening since this wasn't my fault.

October 26, 2014



GMT+2 (Helsinki) here, and I have exactly the same problem! And maintaining my streak is my main motivator.


So duo doesn't automatically reset your clock for putting the clock forward or back? :( I know that they don't change if you moved to a different time zone but it should at least change for daylight's savings time.


My graph shows I have activity on the days but the streak has been reset


They don't change if you moved to a different time zone?


i faced the same issue, my activity for the day (on Sunday) was logged until midnight but i lost my streak and wager at 11pm CET... (support ticket #318585)


Me too! I logged on at about 11 40 and did about 15 minutes of Duolingo lost my streak and I started this morning at zero! I was just beginning to build up also, it is disheartening!!


Same here, I have activity for the past ten days or so, but streak restarted. Could duolingo team simply reset for those requesting?


I'm confused about the time of the resets. Is it gmt? Local time? And what about Sundays? Here in the Pacific Northwest the leaderboards get set at about 6pm local. Do leaderboards, and I assume the day, get reset at a different time than other days? Is there a post somewhere that explains all this? Might local time be a profile option?

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