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When will immersion and voice-lessons come to Dutch?

It's all in the patience but one can't seem adjust to that ideal without first knowing how long one must be patient. Approximately, when will immersion be coming to Dutch? And, perhaps, more importantly, when will one be able to practice Dutch pronunciation? The setting is enabled but the exercises never appear, so one can only assume that they do not yet exist. Awaiting replies, thank you.

October 27, 2014



Sorry for the use of the gender-neutral indefinite pronoun "one" here. I'm trying to use it more often when attempting to apply concepts to an indefinite amount of people.


The Dutch team members told me that they have no control over when Immersion comes. My guess is that it will be added once the Dutch course leaves beta. :)


There arises another question: when, approximately, will that be?


Well, it seems pretty close to exiting beta but who knows. It could be another 2-3 months.


Of course, that is how development goes ;)


It might even take to exit beta only until next year. Who knows???


Probably I don't know but perhaps it will come when Dutch is 'Graduated from beta' , currently it is now 'Released in beta' so it's kind of the second stage('Released in beta') if u know what I mean. I hope this helps.


Speaking exercises for Dutch exist, but whether you have them in lessons might depend on your browser. You need a flavour of Flash that can accept input, or maybe you have some setting that is not enabled. For me (on Ubuntu) it works only in Chrome (which uses pepper flash). In Firefox and Opera I don't get pronounciation exercises, even though flash itself is working and I don't have any other issues.


Hmm. I am using Chrome on Windows.

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