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"Your father is a fair man."

Translation:Tu padre es un hombre justo.

5 years ago



I get a little confused on the order of the noun and adjective. Why is it wrong to say "...un justo homre"?

5 years ago


Some adjectives change in meaning (or at least in English translation) depending on whether they're placed before or after the noun. Generally, the adjectives placed after nouns have an objective meaning or one that carries little or no emotional content, while one placed before the noun can indicate something about how the speaker feels toward the person or thing being described.

Example: Mi viejo amigo, my longtime friend; mi amigo viejo, my elderly friend.

Generally, except for the meaning-changing adjectives, you won't go wrong by placing a descriptive adjective after the noun. However, as you examine Spanish writing or listen to the spoken language, you will develop a "feel" for those cases where you can or should place adjectives ahead of the noun.


4 years ago


in that case if i say justo hombre i may be questioning his manhood whereas hombre justo im basically saying a man that is fair. thanks

4 years ago


same here its pretty tricky becuase its different with every adjecive

5 years ago

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First, the answer (bueno) does not match the question. Second, I saw somewhere in the discussions, reference to why in certain instances, the adjective precedes.

5 years ago


what's wrong with equitativo for fair? justo is more just than fair right?

4 years ago


I put 'Tus padre es un hombre justo," and was marked wrong. Can anyone help me understand why 'tus' was inappropriate in this instance? ¡Mucho gracias!

4 years ago


Tu Padre-Your father Tus Padres- Your parents/your fathers

4 years ago


I suprised myself by getting this right. If I had thought I would have typed "Tu padre es un hombre rubio" just so I had something to complain about. I really must stop myself getting a feel for the language.

4 years ago


It gave me the correct answer of "tu padres es un hombre bueno" .... bueno can mean fair??

4 years ago