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Danish Help :P

Hello, I've recently decided to start Danish. Now it seems quite unique but the problem is, when I hear the voice doing the pronunciations, I'm confused. For example 'Jeg er en dreng' (I am a boy) is pronounced different than I would expect. It seems the 'er' and the 'en' sort of mix together and make one sound. Any help on how it would be pronounced?

October 27, 2014



Have you tried the slow version of the voice? The often helps a lot. Danish is famous for its consonant reduction :).



(OOps this one was set to any language which was odd because I did the search from the link above, but after the search you must reset the language.http://www.forvo.com/search/Jeg%20er%20en%20dreng./ Note that there is more than one page and as Xneb below stated the first page was in Norwegian.)

Here is the same, reset to Danish language: http://www.forvo.com/search-da/Jeg%20er%20en%20dreng./



In the second link you posted, the words are all Norwegian pronunciation

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