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  5. My 225 streak was erased! HELP


My 225 streak was erased! HELP

Hello, I hope to be read, as of today I used duolingo for 225 days, so today I logged in to work on extending my streak and it was not even the end of sunday (here in Mexico) and I received a notification telling me that I've lost my streak! That's so unfair! By the way today we had a schedule change in Mexico, so we had to back the clock an hour. Thanks for reading, and please help, my motivation was to extend my streak daily.

October 27, 2014



Annoying for you! It is supposed to be motivating but when that happens it is disheartening. My sound does not work on 3 consecutive questions so I lose all my hearts. A bit discouraged!


Thankfully it was just a mistake due to the schedule change, and I got my streak back. If your sound is not working I suggest to turn your microphone off, so you don't get anymore of those questions. Don't be discouraged, learning can be hard, just keep trying. Best regards.

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