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Discussions On Mobile Devices?

Could this please be a thing? That is probably the only thing keeping me from using it on my iphone. Since Duolingo's grammar explanations are not completely finished, it is the only place which has many explanations on Duolingo without having to open up other websites on mobile devices. Other than that I completely love Duolingo, it is a great help ;)

June 22, 2013



Thanks! Yes, something we're considering adding :)


Beg my pardon, but it saves me creating a whole new thread. Are you planning on adding the 'streak' icon to the app?


It will be in the next update ;)


Do you mean that when you use Duolingo on your phone one day, but not on your computer that it still counts as a consecutive day of learning? Because I would really love that! :)


Does it not then?


Doing levels on your mobile DOES contribute to your streak.


Agreed. I use the app alot and when a translation doesn't make sense to me, I can't get to the discussions about it. Being able to do so would make learning better on the app.


Will a Duolingo app be available soon for the Kindle Fire HD? Sure would love it.


This may be a bit late to add, but, if you go into your settings on the Kindle, then touch 'Device' and mark the checkbox on 'Allow non market apps to install' to on, you can then download the app and install it by going to this link using Silk browser on the Kindle.


Hope this helps


Also adding the option to submit a better/more appropriate translation would be appreciated. I find that sometimes there are small mistakes in the translation that the app marks me wrong on my english, but actually the app had the english slightly wrong, or it didnt have all the possible translations.. (for translations near the end of the tree)


Immersion on mobile devices would be nice as well.


Hi, I am using duolingo for first time , I do not know how to use it ? How to add words to my vocabulary . I still use google translate to help me ... Any advice?


I was using my mobile and got one phrase wrong. Since there was no discussion link, I got on my computer and did the same lesson again. I found the lesson to be totally different, it even expected me to know 'crab', which I had never seen before. Also, it seems that you are only ever required to speak to the computer, not the app.


For your problem with speaking, there is an option to toggle microphone on the app.. same as on computer :)


Thanks for your response, but I can't find the option anywhere. I'm on Android, is it possible that it's different to iphone? I also don't have the option to use accents when typing.


Hmm, I have the iPhone one, I'm not sure about the Android app.. It's possible it doesn't have this feature yet as it is relatively new. But I'm sure the feature will be added as it is on the iPhone app. :) The typing could have something to do with your keyboard layout on the Android, but again, I don't have one so I'm not certain... Hope this helps.. :)


It is in the settings for the Android app (I have it turned off). I can't seem to find it, but from memory it comes up when a microphone question comes along. You can then select to turn off microphone questions. I'm not sure how to turn it back on, now that I think about it...

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