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Failed Test Activities Locked

I failed my test to make it past the checkpoint and now the test has disappeared and I can't go any further to the next activities. Will it come back over time if I just continue to 'Strengthen My Skills' Anybody experienced this before? Thanks!

October 27, 2014



No, if you fail the test to test out of a section I think it assumes that you do not have sufficient knowledge to move beyond that section.

The only way forward (using the same account) is to either complete all the lessons in all the skills OR reset the language and start again.


Hi Pete, Thanks so much for your reply. I have completed all the lessons that I am able to complete, the rest are locked. All I am able to do on my account now is redo previous lessons or 'strengthen my skills'. Really don't want to have to reset and start from the beginning. I'm wondering if the tests to progress to the next stage will become available again after a certain amount of time or practise? Thanks again, Natalie


If you have completed all lessons in the skills which are available, the next set of skills should open up. The placement test is only for identifying your initial position in the tree when you begin the course. I, for one, didn't take bother with the test as I had zilch knowledge of Spanish before I joined Duolingo. After that you progress by successfully completing individual lessons in the different skills like Food, Animals, Plurals, etc. Once all lessons in a skill are complete, the skill will turn golden. The Test out option is a shortcut for people who are already familiar with the concepts explained in the skill. So instead of doing the individual lessons, they will complete the skill by taking this shortcut.

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