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"There are some years in between."

Translation:Hiertussen liggen enkele jaren.

October 27, 2014



Could someone please explain why this is the best choice out of the three? I don't really get why 'hiertussen' is more adequate here than 'ertussen'.

Is 'Ertussen liggen een paar jaren' wrong because of 'een paar'?

Is 'Hiertussen zitten sommige jaren' wrong because 'zitten' can't be used in this context, with jaren?



Ertussen and hiertussen both work, the only difference is in emphasis. Both zitten and liggen are also fine here. The same goes for enkele and een paar: both are fine. All combinations of these words are fine, but sometimes these affect the rest of the sentence a bit, e.g. in most cases it's more natural to split ertussen: Er zit een paar jaar tussen sounds more natural than Ertussen zit een paar jaar

Sommige indeed is sometimes a proper translation for some (e.g. Some people are tall = Sommige mensen zijn lang). But it doesn't work here, it means not all, but in this sentence a certain amount of years is meant by some.

As you can see there are quite some options to translate this sentence, so it's possible not all alternative translations are included yet by the course builders.


Thank you for the comprehensive explanation! :)


I understand the concepts of er and hier compounds, but I am struggling with the word order. Why is this not "Enkele jaren liggen hiertussen".


Imagine you are pointing at a timeline.

Two different years are set. You point to the area between those years.

HIERtussen liggen enekele jaren.

Think of Hiertussen in a super-literal from as [heretwixt] / [here between].

I thought heretwixt was a real word but now I'm not sure actually. If you understand it though, great.

So you would point at something, and emphasizing the location first using here, and then saying whatever it was you wanted to.

But I'm not a native speaker so maybe everything I said was wrong.


Betwixt is the archaic form of between

Dispite making sense to me heretwixt is so much not a word that it pulls nothing but a did you mean betwixt notice on google which is sad because it makes so much sense to me AND is fun to say

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