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  5. "Ar mháthair í?"

"Ar mháthair í?"

Translation:Was she a mother?

October 27, 2014



How would one frase the question "Is she a mother" then?

I had an error writing just that in this exercise. I suspect it is actually an error on the exercise and not on me.


The particle (at least in the standard) would be An not ar. If it was dialectal (Connacht uses ar or ab instead of an), the lenition is the key thing to look for. This one is conditional or past, with conditional being the preferred interpretation.


An, of course! Sorry, and thanks!


Wait. I thought "arbh" was the past tense of the copula "is". So is "ar" used to indicate a past tense copula question while "arbh" is reserved for past tense declarative copula sentences?


arbh is used before vowels. Arbh í an mháthair í?


It sounds like she's pronouncing "Ar" with a "D" on the front of it. Is that normal? I've reported it anyway.


Was she our mother also?


No. You may be mixing up ár ("our") with ar, the past tense form of an.

Arbh í ár máthair?

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