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Pausing timed practices

I would like to see the timed practices include a pause button so that, for example, when something is incorrect we can examine where we went wrong and read/post in the discussion page for it. Perhaps only give the option to pause after the answer is submitted, so that pausing can't be used to give more time for answering. I'm currently grinding away at multiple timed practices to fortify what I've learnt so far, and being able to pause would make learning this way more effective.

June 22, 2013



There is a very popular post on this subject already. I think the vast majority of Duolingo users would agree with you. We must be patient; the almighty Green Bird has to meditate!


Ah, I didn't see that before. That's good that it has been raised. I'll keep sacrificing innocent creatures to the Owlie god.


This will probably be added eventually, but with the recent release of the Android app I imagine the guys at Duo are a tad busy

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