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  5. "For øjeblikket er den åben."

"For øjeblikket er den åben."

Translation:Currently it is open.

October 27, 2014



When should I use "for øjeblikket" vs "i øjeblikket"?


I would love to know that too, and is there a difference?


I would like to have the answer too please :)


Would it be wrong to write "For øjeblikket den er åben"?


Yes, when an adverbial phrase (something to do with time or location) moves to the front of the sentence, then the verb has to stay in the second position. So it is "Vi spiser mad i England" (We eat food in England) but if you put the adverbial phrase at the front it would be "I England spiser vi mad" (In England we eat food)


Ok I understand now! Thanks!!


Why is "For øjeblikket er det åbent" considered wrong? Is it because it is wrong or just another duolingerror?

From other lessons and reading I was under the impression the default for 'it' was 'det', and given that I believe I used the correct form of åben(t) with it.


I translated this as 'For now'. Surely that's synonymous with 'Currently'?


I gave the same (wrong) answer. I don't know why it's marked wrong.


Yes, det also means "it" depending on the gender of "it" (but you'd have to change the adjective to match the gender)


What is the difference between "den" / "der" / "de" / "det"? When have we to use them?


I am not a native speaker, but I have been studying for several years now. I believe den is used for “it” primarily with common words, “Den er ikke nødvendigvis en fisk”, and det is used with neuter words , such as: Det er ikke privat, det er personligt, although I notice duo seems to defer to det frequently in situations where there is no indication of whether the “it” in question is a neuter or common word. De is plural. As in De er trætte, They are tired. Der means there; Der er alternativer. There are alternatives. Hope this helps.


Put down "at the moment"--was marked wrong. For ojeblikket translated "the moment"


Yes, this seems strange to me too. The given correct answer has "currently", and the equivalent of that is "at the moment". "For the moment it is open" means something slightly different in English. It implies that it is not going to be open for very long.

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