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"I do not look forward to my death."

Translation:Ik verheug me niet op mijn dood.

October 27, 2014



"ik kijk niet vooruit naar mijn dood" is also a correct translation..


Is it wrong to say "ik verheug mij"? I got marked wrong for not using me.


It is technically correct, but it doesn't sounds so good. You mostly use mij if you really want to put emphasis on something.


Can I say "Ik zie naar mijn dood niet uit"?


I’m not always clear on when you should put a separable prefix where (and if this even counts as one). I put “Ik verheug me niet mijn dood op”, because that sounded right with “zich opverheugen”, but I probably need to retune my standards of ‘sounds right’!

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