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"The airplanes do not fly across Schiermonnikoog, but they do fly across the other wadden islands."

Translation:De vliegtuigen vliegen niet over Schiermonnikoog, maar ze vliegen wel over de andere waddeneilanden.

October 27, 2014



I believe a better word would be 'over' instead of 'across'. Across is used for larger objects, such as countries, continents or seas. Over for smaller things like islands, cities or rivers.


I think 'across' is/should(?) be used for a distance over land and 'over' is used to distance through the air (above ground) so you're right, 'over' would be much better. At least, if I'm correct :')


We are so close to the end. Congratulations everyone.


This phrase is so long to translate and its frustating when a single mistake makes you write all over again -_-


Perhaps Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V may help you so you shouldn't have to retype it again, hehe


I got this phrase correct apart from missing the word "wel". What does this word mean, and why is it necessary, please?


It's the counterpart of 'do' in the second half of the sentence to add emphasis (they do fly).

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