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" súile gorm agam agus gruaig fhada orm."

Translation:I have blue eyes and I have long hair.

October 27, 2014



i think it should be 'Tá súile gorma agam agus tá gruaig fhada orm' no?


This was one of our "ghost" sentences. (i.e. ones we deleted due to a mistake, but still appeared in the course). It should be completely deleted now.


Yeah. You would need the plural adjective.

An interesting thing to note is that if you just say "Tá súil agam, it means "I hope"


ah i wonder where that comes from :)


It looks like súil has meant both “eye” and “hope, expectation” back to Old Irish. Perhaps it’s an ancient idiom?

One interesting idiom on the “eye” side (from Dinneen’s dictionary) is its use as a substitute for ceann for counting fish, e.g. Níl súil d’éis na hoíche agam (“I don’t have a single fish after the night”).

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