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Streak was reset

Apparently my 128-day streak was reset two days ago. Why was that? RIP :'(

October 27, 2014



Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was at 250+. Sad day. Sorry for your loss.


Same here. It happened to me on the iPhone app.


my streak was not has high but got reset as well....


That's happened to me multiple times. The first time, I just shrugged off as myself forgetting to do it, but I swear I did. My XP graph said I didn't though, so I'm leaving that up to chance. But just now I found my streak reset, when I know for a fact that it shouldn't be. I did 6 or 7 lessons this morning at around 3 AM and it said I'd completed my XP for the day, but now (since it's 3 AM the next day) it's saying I didn't get the XP and lost my streak. Thing is, I didn't get any reminders - email or iPod notification - to practice like I normally do when I haven't done any lessons. This isn't the first time I've seen people have trouble with losing their streak too.


My streak was also reset for some reason. I don't know if the Daylights Saving Time had anything to do with it. My graph clearly shows XP for Saturday and Sunday. I also checked if it had anything to do with the Coach setting, the option doesn't even appear for me. I'm sad.


Same here. 120+ days got reset for no apparent reason. I always buy a Streak Freeze whenever I miss a day just to have that as a backup... I didn't worry that I missed today because I knew I had the freeze but for some weird reason it's not there and I haven't missed any days lately...


If you are using the coach feature, you have to reach your coach goal every day or else you lose your streak. Lots of us suffered from that because we weren't warned in advance. The good news is, you can lower your coach goal if you know you can't reach it on any particular day.


Seriously? How lovely that they mentioned it. <3 I'm lowering the coach to the lowest possible, thanks a lot, and have a lingot! :)


Where is that coach setting?


Scroll to your username, click on Settings, and scroll down the right hand side of Settings to the last choice - Coach. Now click on Coach, and set your goal to a level that you can achieve every day.

If you have never activated the Coach feature, then the streak loss is caused by some other glitch.


I am still having 394 streak in my mobile application, but only 4 days in a computer-based account. Clearly there's been some mess.


Yes, same thing happened to me. My 172 day streak reset when I missed a day even though I had purchased a streak freeze. :(


Happened to me too. I did not manage to finish a complete lesson yesterday and my portuguese streak was reset. Tried to buy the streak freeze today but it does not work that way so i also lost 10 lingots. Sad day indeed...

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