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I want 1 point for "your answer is now accepted"

Dear Duolingo, when you send me an email saying that "my answer is NOW accepted" please give me, like, one point or something, because sometimes the question in question is the one that failed my whole lesson and I lost 10 !!! points.

June 22, 2013



This might also be a good inducement for more people to report non-accepted sentences, rather than just complaining on the discussion threads :).


Until now I have always reported them. I have like 20-30 already accepted, which means I reported twice as much


Estoy estudiando inglés, me gusta cómo tú te expresas, es claro lo que dices. Soy de Argentina. Te agrego como mi amigo para aprender inglés mejor, miraré lo que escribes.


Amen mstoyn, I totally feel your pain.


They used to do this.


why would they stop?


BTW, I have 14 ups (points) for this thread, do they give points for that? Why isn't that in the manual?


What does 14 stand for then?


This is the result of upvoting/downvoting. Big scores as well as many comments make the thread appear higher in "Popular" tab and attract more attention to it.

Also, upvoting and downvoting is better than cluttering the thread with "I agree" or "I disagree" when you don't feel like elaborating your opinion.

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