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Does Duolingo plan to do grammar exercises?

June 22, 2013



I think some (more) grammar explanation (not necessarily excersises) would be great. Some things in French grammar appear inconsistant or unpredictable. I'm sure there are plenty of books about that on the market but would appreciate it if it were explained here. Maybe under a "help" button?


There is definately need for some more grammar explanations. But I don't think there should be grammar exercises. Current exercises do better job for practicing grammar than classical grammar exercises (like in school).


Definitely. They may be not as you imagine, but in fact, you always do grammar exercises here. You don't always get explanations before you do the lessons, but during the lessons you have to figure out the grammar or look it up elsewhere; otherwise you'll just fail to complete the lesson. I don't know if you have already gotten to different cases in German. When you do, you'll drill those articles really well, and this will be done not by doing special article exercises, but just by translating sentences. You will have to know when to say "der Tisch", when "dem Tisch" and when "den Tisch". When you translate a simple sentence like "A girl is putting a book on the table", you not only learn (or review) the words for "girl", "put", "book" and "table", but also learn (or review) the correct verb conjugation for 3rd person singular, the correct preposition and the correct case of "table" for languages that have cases. So, can you really say you are not doing grammar exercises? ;-)

As for grammar introductions, the team is constantly working on it. Those tips that you can see now in German were not there before and they are still missing for more advanced lessons. Now you get tips about cases and genders right in the lessons which was not possible before either.

I took German as an example; other languages may be a little different, but I'm sure they are heading in the same direction, too. French may take more time because there is only one language expert there (Rémy) while there are two for German (Julika and Myra).


I think I should learn more about grammar first then learn a language. Duolingo is the most fun I ever have getting frustrated and confused. Please add more grammar exercises!


You did not learn your mother language learning grammar first. You lernt it repeating repeating repeating. For me Duolingo is practical.


hmmm... you are right. we learn the words first, then sentence structure :) but we still need to learn grammar rules while we build up our vocab. Guess we have to learn grammar from other sources if not available here.


I agree that a bare bones reference might be great with each lesson. That being said I think DL is great on it's own as a supplement to other courses. I'm using it with other books and materials and it's super-duper.

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