"Those are fine decisions."

Translation:Essas decisões são boas.

June 22, 2013

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why not:

essas sao decisoes boas


I though so too to but duolingo says its incorrect


Ok, this is a poorly executed exercise.

In what sense is "fine" being used?

In terms of precision? In terms of a distinction of quality and refinement? In terms of being acceptable?

The Portuguese translation is "Essas decisões são boas." If this is to be the definitive source of the reverse translation into English, then the current English phasing is poor. For this meaning, it would typically be phrased, "Those decisions are fine."

As composed, the received meaning would tend to be understood as a commentary concerning exactness, precision or rigor. Beyond this, it still sounds awkward to me.

The difference in meaning derived from word placement is similar to the placement of adjectives in Portuguese, such as "Ela é uma mulher grande" versus "Ela é uma grande mulher".


I was asked to translate "Those are fine decisions" on the last question of a section (with no hearts left) and wrote in my customary naive literal style "Essas são decisões finas" and tentatively hit the enter key. "No!", the owl says, the correct answer is "Essas decisões são boas". Should I complain?


Well, i cant say "essa decisões são finas" is wrong, but its something ive never seen before. "Fine" is translated as fino when it means a high quality of something, like "chocolates finos", when fino not necessarily means "thin" but fine. But we are not likely to say we have finas decisões


Thank you Paulo. In the English sentence at least a couple of possible interpretations would work. The most obvious would be fine as in excellent and that's closest to the answer given. The other is based on fine meaning delicate (a meaning I thought it shared with Portuguese). For example, "These are fine/delicate decisions that can only be taken after careful deliberation". Does that not fit?


I see your point. In that case, we say "essa é uma decisão delicada", a close translation to delicate.


Could the adverb 'bem' not be used?


Could you use an adverb '....são bem '?


My response was - Aquelas são decisões rafinadas - but also not accepted as correct!


Refinadas* - it would sound odd this way.


Does aquela sound odd too ?


You have to use the plural aquelas since decisões is plural.

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