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  5. "La orquesta está tocando."

"La orquesta está tocando."

Translation:The orchestra is playing.

October 28, 2014



why can I not say :the orchestra is touching: as in it moves me emotionally


tocar can be used in the manner you suggest, but there needs to be an object (me) that is being touched. In this sentence there is no object.


When it comes to musical instruments tocar is used for "play/playing" them (not jugar, to play, as in a game) so be careful with adding another layer of possible confusion with touching like emotionally. Technically the music is touching emotionally, not the orchestra itself.


I think the verb "tocar" does not mean "touching" in the emotional sense. http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/conmovedor I'm guessing "la orquesta es conmovedora" = The orchestra is touching.


I do not have access to my school books so I cannot give you the references but I remember that my English teacher told us that in Shakespeare's England, "tocar" was used for instruments that played when they were touched; lutes, virginals, etc. A different word was used for instruments that are played by breathing into them; shawms, sackbuts, etc.


Why can't I say "the orchestra are playing"? An orchestra is more than one person


That would be correct in British English, but DL uses American English. In Canada, we use a mix of British and American English and people are always saying things that sound strange to my ears.


How do I remove a language I don't want to do anymore on mobile duolingo?


i just didint know how to spell orchestra in english. haha


Hello ElderBarcl2: *didn't

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