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  5. "Where is the airport?"

"Where is the airport?"

Translation:Cá bhfuil an t-aerfort?

October 28, 2014



What are the rules on where the t is necessary? Because earlier in the lesson, I tried to use it, but I was told that an aerfort was the correct part of the answer.


If it's just the singular definite article, masculine nouns beginning with a vowel use "t-".

  • an t-aerfort


  • ag an aerfort


A prothetic T (without a hyphen) is also needed for both non-genitive feminine singular nouns and genitive masculine singular nouns that follow an and begin with S followed by either L, N, R, or a vowel, e.g.

  • an tsláinte (“the health”)
  • an tsneaic (“the snack”)
  • an tsráid (“the street”)
  • an tsú (“the berry”)
  • lár an tsamhraidh (“the middle of the summer”)
  • barr an tsléibhe (“the top of the mountain”)
  • boladh an tsnasa (“the smell of the slime”)
  • foinse an tsrutháin (“the source of the stream”)


Is there a way to identify female and male nouns? Like how words ending in "o" are masculine in spanish and "a" if feminine

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