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Help, I can't get to the homepage, or the support page. I have tried several different ways and nothing is working. I'm enjoying Duolingo German, but I can't get to ask questions from the support team, or see how I'm doing day by day. Please help me!

June 22, 2013



Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?


It must be something wrong with my computer! It is OK on other computers. But when I open Duolingo I get the page with the scenery, the word "Suppot" disappearing off the left side of the page and blank blue sky! I will talk with an IT guy on our team tomorrow! I'll get back if the problem persists, unless you have any ideas now?! Thank you very much for your support.


Thanks Luis. I have discovered that Duolingo is fine if I access it through Google Chrome, but not if I access it through Internet Explorer! That I can manage easily.


i am studying italian and enjoy it immensly !!!! is there a possibility to print the lesson after i finish it ? (for practicing reason). how you do it ? my EM address is ; yonahst@gmail.com


German is so awful


Hallo Laura I speak german


I can't get out of the page I am on. I was just looking at the English for Spanish speakers page for a friend. How do I access the home page or list of my languages that I want to practice?


Help! I need my home page!!!!!


i have lost contact with my home page please help


something wrong here could Duo ask IT to look into this? gcliffordgrutze


duo are you listening? I have been locked out of my home page Have not been able to get in for two days! I hope that you read your posts once in awhile gclifford grutze

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