"O controle no trabalho é frequente."

Translation:Control at work is frequent.

June 22, 2013

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What does this sentence mean in Portuguese? It doesn't make sense in English.


Well, lets try some possibilities: 1- at work you must have self-control; 2- having control over the work being accomplished is necessary; 3 - to control the personnel that skips the job, so to speak; 4- its necessary to use a remote control (??? - another possibility) 5 - quality control.


I took it to mean the third option you listed - that the workers at the job are frequently controlled, presumably by their bosses, but without an indication of who is controlling what, that's just a guess. Is this an expression that is commonly used in Brazil or is it one that Duolingo made up like the one about the bishop who opens a restaurant early?


It may be used at times. Not an expression, though. Options 2 and 3 are suitable situations where this sentence could go ;)


I think "supervision" may be a better translation than "control" in this case.

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