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  5. "I eat breakfast."

"I eat breakfast."

Translation:Eu tomo café da manhã.

June 22, 2013

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Anyone else get thrown this one before Duolingo introduced the expression at all? Should I have been able to figure out this idiom on my own?


if I don't drink coffe, my breakfast is still 'café da manhã'?


Sure... no matter what you have, it is always café da manhã


And I'm sure in Portugal it is pequeno-almoço even if it's bigger than your lunch :D


and do I always "tomo" it rather than "como" it?


yes...at least where I live everybody used tomar =)


Is almoço pequeno acceptable for breakfast in brazilian portuguese? If I'm not mistaken, it's used for breakfast in european portuguese.


(ps I think it's pequeno-almoço, not almoço pequeno)


Nop, here we use café da manhã


Sot this correct. eu tome cafe da manha, I get it. A previous question used the phrase eu caminho de manha.

I under stand the phrase for breakfast is 'cafe da manha' but did we use de manha for the other example...(seeing this question confused me on the previous...) thanks


What the heck is, matabicho?

I had a one letter typo and was told I used a wrong word and the answer should be: Eu como matabicho.



Wow... Never seen that before! =)


Turns out there is Portuguese in several more places besides Brazil and Portugal. :)


  • (colloquial, Angola, Mozambique) breakfast (first meal of the day)
  • a shot of an alcoholic beverage, especially cachaça, drunk before the first meal of the day

Seems not every place revolves around the God of Coffee. :)


Interesting... and this word sounds funny to me =)


Is it because of this:


Which is bad enough before being coupled with this:


So what does it translate out to? Wood bug? Tree friend? Forest beast?


Where I live, "Bicho" is not used to refer to a friend.

You can hear, for example, "Ele é o bicho" ("He is the man" or even "He is smart").

I saw "mata" here as a verb: "Matar" (to kill) in imperative. Therefore, for me, matabicho is this:


Therefore, for me, matabicho is this...

Mmmm... Tasty! Like whip cream topping! :D

I was just talking to someone about the bug-life in Africa, so this could actually make some sense... but I am going to bet on it is more like kill the aggressive beast, for our morning meal. :) :)


Bicho is a common graffiti word in Portugal.


Is an insecticide tasty?

Well, I've never tasted it and I don't want to =P


Is an insecticide tasty?

It was actually a bit of joking. In the US they like everything in a spray can, especially whipped cream:

And much of the time there is no dairy in it:

Well, I've never tasted it and I don't want to =P

Actually you probably have. Numerous times in numerous ways. Grains & Beans are notorious as a storage crop for being infested before they even leave the silos let alone make it into the bakeries and stores. But more than that the chlorine put in water is a pesticide as is glyphosate and BT crops which are actually registered pesticides having BT in every cell of their being. Even if you do not eat these directly then you end up with them via horizontal gene transfer from the animals you eat that eat these crops. The industry will tell you that you have a different stomach than the insects but they conveniently ignore the microbiome in your gut without which you cannot digest your food (and numerous other important functions).



Both chlorine and fluoride along with bromine/bromates in food such as sodas and as a dough conditioner for flour (breads, pizzas, pastries, etc) are also killing the thyroid (among other glands and organs) by blocking iodine.


And even if you eat organic 100% of the time, you are still getting some pesticide residue (just much less) from the general mass use of it. But if you are not eating organic then you are getting as much as 20 different pesticides with each strawberry you eat:


  • More than 98 percent of samples of strawberries, spinach, peaches, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide.
  • A single sample of strawberries showed 20 different pesticides.
  • Spinach samples had, on average, twice as much pesticide residue by weight than any other crop.

Not to mention that many food processing places including restaurants and stores use pesticides often quite liberally to keep bugs and rodents out.

Sooo... now that you know that, how do the pesticides taste to you? =}


Ok, you won!!! =P

I prefer this thing instead:

As you mentioned harmful food, I'd like to share this video with you:


For me, it has subtitles =)


Ok, you won!!! =P

Heh, apologies. I would actually prefer not to win in these situations (because of it not happening, not because I am not great in my abilities to convince :D).

Thank you so much for that video! It is sadly hilarious. I will save it and share it. =)

It reminds me of this one from Portlandia (only in an opposite kind of way – sorry, no subtitles for you but I'll see if they can get it dubbed for the Brazilian audience... :D):


2.27 minutes (though there are a couple of more recent follow-ups to the original skit).




not because I am not great in my abilities to convince :D

That was so... so... so what? =P

Tks for the video as well.... Their speech is clear enough for me to undertand =)

Ainda bem que o chantilly não contém glúten hahaha =)


Ainda bem que o chantilly não contém glúten hahaha =)

Sem gluten does not mean healthy, just as vegan does not. Healthier often when faced with the same thing (gluten-free and/or vega brownie versus the traditional brownie – I can make a to die-for raw vegan brownie).

It's not the gluten status of Chantilly that would keep me from consuming it. I just do not think it is actually food. =]

Quite honestly, if a bug won't eat it, then I see no reason to try it myself. :)


should "ter" be accepted as well?


we normally dont say that....


Why "tomo"? or "como"? Does context matter here?


we dont usually say "comer café da manhã, almoço, janta".

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