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Little Punctuation Conventions

Sometimes I see exclamation points and question marks to a lesser extent separated from the sentence by a space, like:

¿ Dónde va la marca ?

other times it's written just like in English. I know in French the space is required(though often ignored) is the same true in Spanish? Some clarification on what happens in cases of ". ¿" or ". ¡" would be helpful too.

September 29, 2012



It works like it does English - no space should be used. The only difference I can think of is that question and exclamation marks may be used repeatedly in the same sentence. For example: "¡Qué desastre!, ¿cómo lo ha conseguido?"


Thanks! Also, when using the ¿¡ marks within a sentence, are the commas right before the marks still used or are they ommited?

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