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How does Friends and Followers work?

I see other peoples pages with friends and followers. Now I can guess, with friends, you invite friends and then they are there handy so you can see their progress and congratulate or chastise them, however appropriate, maybe. Is there more to it and how about the followers?

Also since I'm asking how things work here, what are those up and down arrows next to the edit option, below, for?

June 22, 2013



As far as I can tell, a "friend" is someone you're following. So if I am your friend, you are my follower, and vice versa. The most useful aspect of this, to me, is that friends' comments show up on your stream. So if you notice that someone posts a lot of useful and informative comments, you can friend them and have those comments conveniently collected for you.


Ah, thank you. So that is how it works. Then I shall follow you... and hope to have my first friend soon :)


The arrows are to downvote or upvote comments, keep less popular ones from appearing. Friends are those you choose to follow, followers are those who choose to follow you.


So someone would follow me so they could see how I've progressed? Is that it?


Well you show up in their stream so they can see how many points you have and try to stay ahead of you. Kind of fun concept, Quazar (another user) and myself are usually neck and neck on Italian point but lately he must have eaten an Italian because he jumped ahead about 700 + points. So now we compete to see who can get ahead of the other. :D


HA! You made a valiant effort in trying to catch up today. I am now catching up to and plan to surpass Kristinemc next.


QUAAAZAAARRRR!!!! shaking fists yelling into air


Thats my middlename sir. Keep in mind that I dont sleep very much.


Quazar, I'm going to surpass YOU in this next week ;-) Lol, I really need someone to compete with, if I want to become better at languages.


I'll take that bet!


Yeah good luck with that...


If you are really shy but find someone really helpful, is that a good point to start a friend request? Or is someone who you keep seeing on discussion pages with your own sort of questions, a better idea, please? Thank you.


Interesting.... I would also like to have a contact possibility with other Duolingo people. I'm dutch myself, trying to learn a bit of spanish. It would be really good to have a bit of contact with spanish speaking people here, trying to learn dutch or english. It would also be fun if I could do a query on all other dutch people trying to learn spanish, to befriend them........ That's not (yet) possible, eh? Regards, Hans


u still dident tell me


they are up and down votes

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