"We pay."


October 28, 2014



Would love to hear these words spoken, even if it IS by the computer generated voice with the worst Irish accent ever....


I think the duolingo voice is a real person's, saying the individual words/sentences. She simply does not have a native speaker's pronunciation.

The dictionary entry at http://www.focloir.ie/en/dictionary/ei/pay?q=pay gives the pronunciation of the stem íoc in the three major dialects.

If you want to hear the voice of real people with nice accents (used in a computer-generated project), type the words in at www.abair.ie. "Gaoth Dobhair" is a small town in northern Donegal (Gaeilge Uladh) and the "Conemara" pronunciation is from Ráth Chairn (Gaeilge Chonnnacht).

Both focloir.ie and abair.ie are good resources to use for pronunciation issues.

Have fun with Gaeilge!


Is there another verb for "to pay"? My keyboard do suggest what to type (It doesn't correct me) and always I try typing "íocaim(id)" it doesn't suggest anything, but it suggest "íocann" as well.


Íocann is for tú, sé, sí, siad agus sibh. Sinn/muid (we, us) takes a different ending in all tenses and mé does in present tense


You could also say íocann muid. I've heard forms díol used, too.


Isn't díol sell? Díolaim = "I sell"? Not sure on the spelling.


It can mean both buy and sell, actually. Here's the dictionary link: http://breis.focloir.ie/ga/fgb/d%C3%ADol


why can't you say "íocamar" ??


Because the question asks for we pay which is the present tense--íocann muid or íocaimid.

You can use íocamar in some forms of the past tense (ar íocamar? or níor íocamar), but not by itself, as far as I know.

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