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"Ik zou zeehonden gezien hebben als het niet regende."

Translation:I would have seen seals if it was not raining.

October 28, 2014



"I would have seen seals if it had not rained" is not accepted... yet.... I have reported it


But it is not the pluperfect in the Dutch; though it would have been more natural


It would be incorrect in English without using the past perfect, so if you're translating to English it should at least be an option (it's accepted now).


Also, unless Dutch has simplified its tenses, the second clause should be pluperfect subjunctive, not straight past tense. But as usual, whatever.


You are absolutely right. The sentence of this exercise is bad Dutch.

The proper sentence should be: 'Ik zou zeehonden hebben gezien als het niet had geregend'.

At least one bad English translation with an incorrect use of tenses is also accepted.


Do the Dutch seals hide from rain, in the sea perhaps ?


Is there a difference in pronunciation between zou and zal?


Yes. 'Zou' rhymes with 'how', whereas 'zal' has the Dutch short 'a', like a very short 'ah' sound, and an L at the end, so it rhymes with the Dutch words 'bal', 'hal', etc.


I agree. Sometimes they sound similar.

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