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"An dtéann na cait buí chugainn?"

Translation:Do the yellow cats go to us?

October 28, 2014



When I was asked to translate this from English to Irish, it said "bhuí" was correct. Translating from Irish to English, it said "buí" was correct. Anyone know which is right?


bhuí is correct because cait ends in a slender consonant.


Hm, so is buí incorrect?


OK, maybe the next person to encounter na cait buí can report it, because I don't know how to get back to the right screen.


"come towards us" sounds more natural in English than "go towards us". Should that be accepted?


Given the way we say things in English, that would make more sense. However, they are 2 different verbs, and it would be bad to get learners confusing téigh and tar

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