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  5. "Niemand kommt je hierher."

"Niemand kommt je hierher."

Translation:Nobody ever comes this way.

June 23, 2013



Is the meaning altered by using "hierher" rather than "hier"?


You can't use hier, because it is stationary: "Niemand ist hier" = "Noone is here".

Hierher is needed because you are talking about a motion: "Niemand kommt hierher" = "Noone comes to this place" You can actually leave out the hier part, though, saying "Niemand kommt her".


Soooo, what's the difference between hierher and her?


Nothing. You use "hierher" to reinforce that you mean the place where you are:

"Komm her! Komm hierher!" - points to floor. "Guter Hund!" - gives Leckerli to dog.


What's the difference between hierher and hierhin?


The difference is just the meaning of "her" and "hin". "her" is a movment to the speaker while "hin" is a movment to the considered place. Both can refer to the same place.


But logically speaking, hierhin is also a movement to the speaker since they say hierhin.


"hierhin" is still a little farther away as "hierher", at least emotionally.

"Setzten Sie sich hierhin." is more distanced and less inviting than
"Setzen Sie sich hierher."


Yes, but it's not as close.


Driving through the desert in northern New Mexico, I came across a small concrete building with the lights on inside and a very old man, maybe 90, sitting on the porch drinking coffee. Interested, I pulled over and decided to talk to him.

It turns out he was one of the ex-Nazi scientists the Americans captured, and then hired, to work on their rocket projects and whatnot. We chatted for about an hour, watching the sun set.

The man's first language, of course, was German, and he still used it to talk to himself. The first thing I heard him say to himself when I walked up to introduce myself was "Niemand kommt je hierher."

Considering how far into the desert I was, I have a feeling he was right.


the 'je' is the 'ever' part. without it the sentence would be 'no one comes here' instead of 'no one ever comes here'


but could you use "nie" instead of "je"? Niemand kommt nie hierher


That would be like "Nobody never comes here" -- a double negative.

So it would literally mean "It's not possible to find a person who never comes here" or "Everybody comes here at least once".


Ein guter Platz für einen Körper..

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