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  5. "Que fait ton père ?"

"Que fait ton père ?"

Translation:What does your father do?

June 23, 2013



Why isn't "what does your father make" a correct version, anyone know? Seems like a reasonable translation, unless this is a case of colloquial meaning winning out over grammar...?


What does your father do (for a living)? is more precise.


The question Que fait ton père dans la vie ? has the precise meaning of "What does your father do for a living? (What is his job/livelihood?)" Without dans la vie, the question is ambiguous and could be interpreted as "What does your father do (in this situation)", "What is your father doing", "What does your father make", or "What is your father making?"


Can you translate the English sentence to French as: « Ton père que fait-il ? »


I struggled a little with this too. However, if you listen to the voice and note which word is being stressed it gives you a better clue as to what is being said. I also remember hearing a similar phrase on Memrise.


It this just one of those phrases that doesn't translate well? I typed "What to make your father?", but I would have NEVER guessed the translation that came up, It seems grammatically backwards compared to other standard French phrases.


Yeah, inversion is often used in French to ask questions...and it can be weird and sound like Yoda speak. Try to remember that "faire" can mean to MAKE or to DO. Thus: what does your father do?


I agree, it is a bit weird. I answered 'What is your father making?' which doesn't seem very synonymous with the answer. I assume it all depends on the context though..


I thought the meaning was...

"What makes a father?" as in "What makes a good parent?"


You forgot ton (your).


So we are just supposed to guess that the 'do' is required in this question.


Fait can mean make or do.

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