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"En måned er ikke et århundred."

Translation:A month is not a century.

October 29, 2014



Are their any native speakers, or advanced Dansk speakers, who can tell us if the audio sounds ok? "Er" sounds weird in the fast audio to me...


It think it might depend from where you live, but my teacher teaches the pronouce like an open E (like in "air" but without any r sound). According to her, when the R is in the end of a word it has no sound, just "opens the vowel".


Thank you, interesting!


... still interested in the answer to this question ...
Thanks a lot for an answer! :)


Marie, you should also mention which voice you had, because there are two different ones in this course. I can listen to the male voice here and it sounds fine.

Er should sound somewhat like the English word "air", but with a throatier 'r'.


Unfortunately I do not remember whether I had the male or female voice.
I will pay attention when coming back to this sentence.
Your explanation of the correct pronunciation helps me a lot as up to now I have not known how to pronunciate the letter r in Danish.

Thank you for your help!


Is this an idiom, meaning that a month isn't that long?


It means what it says word for word: a month is not a century.


I think that this lesson is using related Date and Time words in the same sentence to contrast their meaning, and to contrast the use of et/en:

  • Et minut er ikke en time.
  • En måned er ikke et århundred.
  • Et århundred er ikke et år.


måned comes from the old word for month which comes from the indo european word for moon! Nice trick!


A month is not a hundred years


Is the pronunciation of århundred correct here?


Save for the random tone change at the end it sounds okay. Here is also a nice pronounciation.

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