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Have you finished your Irish Tree?

I haven't, but I am certainly working on it! (And hard work it is!)

Since the course started I have seen 2 people post that they have finished their tree. Apologies if there are more, I just haven't seen your posts.

I though it might be a good idea to have some sort of 'Irish Hall of Fame' with a list of all those who manage to finish the tree and keep it golden. There is a list for those who have finished multiple trees, but this would just be Irish.

I have tried to paste a picture of the Golden Irish Owl, but my computer or my computer skills are not up to that, so if anyone can do it, please do.

The two people's names are below, please add your name to this thread when you finish your tree and I will add it to the list

<h1>Liosta na Laochra</h1>

Alt Text

Congratulations to:

emmetteen (10)

magAonghusa (15)

paddy obrien (11)

oldflapjacks (11)

Peadar14 (19)

sctroyenne (14)


October 29, 2014



Great idea. An "Irish Hall of Fame" I'd love to know who has completed the tree. Irish is a wonderful language!

I'll report in when I finish the tree, but today I've only just nudged past the second checkpoint.

Had you considered including people on the list who finish the tree and then don't keep it golden? Otherwise I might just be a shooting star.


Yes, I have thought about those who completed the tree and don't keep it golden (see Galaxyrocker's comment below) but I suppose it is up to the individual to decide whether they should go on the list, as nobody else can see their tree.


Liosta na Laochra.

Catchy name (scilling's idea)! It's inspiring to see who has finished the Irish tree (native speaker or rank beginner). I'm inspired just hearing that Jillianimal is so close to the finish line. It can be done. YES!

If people would like to be included in Liosta na Laochra they could alert you (just like with jitengore's One year+ Hall of Fame, and AlexisLinguist's Golden Owl Hall of Fame).

The format to include an image in a post is:

![Alt Text] followed by the URL of the image in parens

A URL for the Golden Irish Owl certificate image is: http://i.imgur.com/0C8xbRX.png


No, it wasn’t my idea — that’s a dictionary translation for an honor roll.


Thanks for the instructions on how to post an image, I've added it to my original post. Do you know how to change font in a post? I want to make the heading bold and bigger.


Glad it worked. I removed mine so it wouldn't distract.

For Really Big precede your text with #

But no space between # and your text.

<h1>Liosta na Laochra</h1>

For pretty big you can use ##

Liosta na Laochra

For sort of big you can use ###

Liosta na Laochra


I finished it a couple of days ago. I already had a cúpla focail but my grammar wouldn't have been the best. The lessons and notes (and discussions) really helped with my grammar, together with a Quick Guide Irish grammar guide I got from Gaelchultúr. The uncertainty I had about whether or not to put a séimhú here or an úrú there has cleared up a lot. Also learned a few new words and I never even knew there was a past habitual tense! The audio was shockingly bad at times let's be honest, but overall it was a good course. Anyone learning Irish from scratch will learn loads, it will bring them to a strong intermediate level.


Well done Paddy,

You are on the list! I am learning from scratch and your comment will motivate people like me.


Comhghairdeas leat!. Bulaí fir! / Congratulations. Good man yourself!


Congratulations to you oldflapjacks. Well done. I have tried to add you, but it wouldn't let me edit. I will try again and again until it lets me! Did you already know the language? or did you start from scratch?


Thank you. I knew a couple phrases but otherwise totally from scratch.


There's several of us who tested out of everything the first day. However, I wouldn't really call that completing, since all of us knew Irish beforehand, and there were a few native speakers in that mix as well.


Comhghairdeas!. Go n-éirí an bóthar leat / Congratulations! May you succeed on your road. Also thanks for the many, many explanatory comments. Very helpful to the beginner.


You're very welcome. I just love this language and try to do my part in helping others learn it.

PS: I'm actually more inclined to the variant comhghairdeachas that I always heard from my teacher.


nope :/ but i'm working on it and i am only 4 skills from the last checkpoint and i am confident that i remember at least 85-90% of everything on the tree so far. Then again i have nearly a decade headstart from school.


Finished my tree a while back but I've been continually practising it since, I'd definitely recommend strengthening skills and doing particularly difficult sections from scratch again. Finishing the tree is a great achievement but there is a lot more to do after it.


Comhghairdeas leat. Congratulations to you.

Is fearr Gaeilge briste, na Bearla cliste. Broken Irish is better than clever English.

Of course, I'm wild about English too (all languages are beautiful). But I just ran across that delightful saying and wanted to share it. Well done.


Congrats Peadar, I have put you on the list. At level 19, that is the highest level I have seen so far! Somegood tips too.


I just finished my Irish tree at level 14. No previous background! Please add me to the Liosta na Laochra. Thanks.


Irish is going to be my last tree - I know it, because of how unfamiliar the language is to me. I'm sure that Russian, Turkish, Romanian, and Polish will be out before the Irish is done! My Romanian tree may even be done before Irish! :p


Not yet but just 12 skills away from doing so (that sounds SO much further than it feels).

There already is a general hall of fame for those who finished the tree so I don't see the point in one just for Irish =/


I have many more lessons to do than you!

I wanted an "Irish Hall of Fame" to see how many people finish and to see where I am in the running. On the list with all the finished trees, the icon is too small to see if Irish has been completed.


Just finished my tree!


Fantastic and well done, I will put you on the list. Did you know any Irish before?


Finished my tree! It took me about four months, but I repeated quite a few lessons and got in a groove of doing Timed Practice. I think that explains why I'm level 14, too -- others certainly finished it earlier.

Go raibh míle maith agat, Duolingo.


Out of curiosity, how long did it take for these two to finish their tree, and are they native speakers? I am certainly willing to at least finish the tree. Hopefully, in the future, there will be a way to advanced my learning experience towards mastery. Or not. Maybe I'll move on to other languages that are being offered...


I am not a native speaker nor a fluent speaker though I'm currently taking a class to improve my speaking. I grew up in America and although I tried a "Teach Yourself" book from time to time I never really got that serious into learning until I started Duolingo. I would say it probably took 2-3 months to finish the tree but I was going at an aggressive pace which may not be the best way to go about it. Luckily I get to try to keep my tree golden now which will help reaffirm some of the subjects I might have moved over too quickly.


Comhghairdeas leat!. Maith thú! / / Congratulations. Good for you!


I’d finished mine on day 60. (RustyDee, I don’t constantly keep the tree golden, so please don’t add me to this Liosta na Laochra.) Like MagAonghusa, I’m neither native nor fluent, having been born and raised in the US. Without access to grammars and dictionaries, the course would have taken far longer for me to finish. In my opinion, the Duolingo method would work best with vocabulary acquisition; I doubt if I would have acquired sufficient grammatical knowledge solely from the course content. Judging from much of the content of the Irish sentence discussion area, I think that that might be the case for other people too.


For some reason, It won't let me edit my post to add

oldflapjacks (11)

So I'll put the name here and try again at editing.

Congratulations to you oldflapjacks


This discussion might help you to attach a picture.


Thanks for the link, I'll have a go at it. And thank you for all the help and comments you give when other post a question, it really helps.


You’re welcome. I’m no expert by any means, but if I can point someone in the right direction, then I’ll try to do my bit.


Don't know if you're still maintaining this list, but in case you are, I just finished the tree... and to preemptively answer the question that seems to have been frequently asked, I had not previously known any Irish.

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