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Understanding Basic Irish Grammar Using Scribd

I always struggled with understanding Irish grammar until I came upon a site called Scribd (scribd.com) where you can read books online and view documents for free. Anyways some publisher uploaded one of their books called Irish Grammar Book here s the linkhttps://www.scribd.com/doc/221735005/Irish-Grammar-Book

If you are on desktop you will have to download it after a few pages but on iPhone you can read the whole thing

It gives a great, detailed explanation of Irish grammar

October 29, 2014



Just so you know, the publisher didn't upload it. Someone else uploaded it, so it's not entirely legal....That book is good, however, but, in my opinion, it's certainly not the best one out there.


Ok sorry it was the best for me what's your username on Scribd?


Which book do you think is best?


I like Stenson's two, published by Routledge. They're workbooks, so give you a chance to practice what you learned as well. I also the Christian Brothers', though the English version isn't nearly as detailed as the Irish. Online, just use Gramadach na Gaeilge - it's free.

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