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"Børn i Danmark får sine julegaver juleaften."

Translation:Children in Denmark get their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

October 29, 2014



Why is it "sine" instead of "deres" since "b/orn" is plural?


Dansk Sprognævn clearly states that:

When the subject is changed from singular to plural, "deres" is used, and not "sin". [...]

That means that when the subject one refers to, is third person plural, "deres" is used - and not "sin/sit/sine", [...]

It is common to use "sin/sit/sine" [...] especially when the sentence is long, and there is a long distance between subject and the reference. It is even more common if the object is plural. [...]

As I interpret it, it is still not correct to say "Børn [...] får sine julegaver". Therefore, I have reported this issue.


It isn't. The sentence is wrong.

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