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Would like to remove course, doesn't work.

I would like to remove a language course. I am learning spanish and I wanted to check out what the dutch course looked like as I am new. I go to settings, learning languages and then the "remove/reset course". I press remove next to the dutch course, it gives me a pop up saying "are you sure, this cannot be undone". I click OK and...... Nothing happens. After 10 tries the language course dutch is still visible next to my name.... Anyone have any solutions?

October 29, 2014

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Do you mean that the Spanish course is still by your name? I can still see it, but no Dutch course. If you mean Spanish, then maybe because you are only taking one "_ from English" course is why you can't remove it. I myself cannot remove my French course - the box is grayed out, but I can reset it.

If you only want to see the Dutch course, then you can go the Settings, Learning Languages, and pick Dutch. It's possible to have two languages at the same time.

Or, if you meant that you wanted to remove the Dutch course after seeing it, then I think you've accomplished that by now I can't see any Dutch flag by your post, nor on you account.

I'm sorry if I haven't gotten what you meant in any of those explanations. I hope this helps someway, though.

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